Columbia-Montour Coalition

Committee Chairs:

Adrienne Mael, Education Sub-Committee
United Way

Alison Briggs, Law & Order Sub-Committee (co-chair)
Flying Bees Research

Barbara Warunek, Law & Order Sub-Committee (co-chair)
Court Programs & Development Director Columbia County Courthouse

Markie Troutman, Treatment and Recovery Community Sub-Committee
Addictions Coordinator at Bloomsburg MAT Clinic


Allison Wilson - Prevention Supervisor at CMSU
Bobbi Fleming - United Way
Brittany Ketehem
Carol Kronenwetter
Donna Eyerly - Business Consultant at PA Career Link
Francis Moyer - Executive Director at Danville United Way
Fred Gaffney - President Chamber of Commerce
Nancy Hanula - Counterdrug Joint Task Force US Military
Eli Warnick - US Military
Jessica Tloczynski - Columbia County Family Center
Tara Hoyes
Candy Ryan - Director of Extended Programs
Mary Blankenship - Montour Jail Church Project
Kelly Ann Pegg - CMSU
Comm. David Kovach - Commissioner of Columbia County
Peter Fleming - United Way
Kathy Coslett - Geisinger investigator at Geisinger Health Plan
Alison Briggs - Board President at United Way Columbia County
Barbara Warunek - Vice Chair/ Court Programs Director at United Way/Court System
Bridgett Coolbaugh - District Office Manager
Clair Heath - Chief Deputy at Sheriff's Office of Montour County
Daniel Lynn - Assistant District Attorney of Columbia County
Ray Kessler - Assistant District Attorney
Scott Lynn - Coroner of Montour County
Ken Strish - Chief of Police at Berwick Police Dept.
Jeremy Reese - Coroner at Col. Co. Coroner
Thomas James - Judge Columbia and Montour County
Susan Nunan - Montour Jail Church Project at Christ Memorial Episcopal
Franca Danibor - CRS at Geisinger
Barbara Gorrell - CMSU at Drug and Alcohol Administrator CMSU
Kimberly Quinn Genesis House
Mary McCarthy - Certified Advanced addiction counselor at Gaudenzia
Chad Wolfe - CRS at Cleanslate Center
Drew Wallace - St. Joes, Mt. Laurel
Ed Madalis
Heather Mowery - CRS Training
Luann Gilliland
Markie Troutman - Addiction Coordinator at Geisinger
Sarah Dobeck - CMSU
Tanya Gallagher - Adult Counselor at Beyond Violence
Kelly Ann Pegg - CMSU
Karyn Stevenson - Regional Service Coordinator/Clinical Liaison at White Deer Run Treatment Network